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With Frank Gaffney, Matthew Brodsky, Robert Spencer and Fred Fleitz

FRANK GAFFNEY, Founder, President & CEO of Center for Security Policy:

  • The Congressional EMP threat commission
  • Why the Military and general population depend on the civilian grid
  • Recommendations to secure our grid

MATTHEW BRODSKY, Senior Fellow, Security Studies Group, Senior Analyst in Wikistrat’s Analytic Community, Former Director of Policy for the Jewish Policy Center for Security Policy:

  • The recent referendum for Kurdish independence
  • Consequences of supported an Iraqi central government
  • Why we need to gain leverage with the Kurdish people

ROBERT SPENCER, Director of Jihad Watch, Weekly Columnist for PJ Media and FrontPage Magazine:

  • Dangers of Sharia blasphemy restrictions
  • The nature and magnitude of the Jihad threat
  • How free speech serves as the frontline for counter-jihad action

FRED FLEITZ, VP for Policy and Programs at Center for Security Policy, Former CIA Analyst, Former Chief of Staff for Amb. John Bolton in the State Department:

  • What is a ‘clean decertification’ of the Iran Deal
  • Why President Trump should abide by Amb. John Bolton’s plan to withdraw from the JCPOA
  • Why the U.S. should sanction European companies who aid Iran
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