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With Richard Fisher

RICHARD FISHER, Asian Military Affairs Senior Fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center:

  • Xi Jinping’s quest for regional and global dominance
  • Beijing’s preparation for war on the Taiwan Strait
  • China’s historically strategic culture


  • The special relationship between the Communist government in Beijing and the People’s Liberation Army
  • How the Chinese-Vietnamese War convinced the U.S. that the People’s Republic could be an ally against communism
  • A fundamental transformation of Chinese naval and air power
  • Xi Jinping’s pivot to Argentina


  • Is China fostering another Falklands War?
  • Chinese consolidation of power in Africa and Latin America
  • A history of deception by various regimes in Beijing


  • Are economic woes tempering Beijing’s international ambitions at all?
  • Demographic issues in China: a recipe for foreign interventionism
  • Using Taiwan as an example of what democracy can accomplish in the region
  • Defending American interests in space
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