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With Mark Helprin

MARK HELPRIN, Novelist, journalist and conservative commentator, Member of the Council on Foreign Relations:

  • Putin: partner, adversary or something in between?
  • Did Russia want to bring Donald Trump to power?
  • The danger from the modernized Russian nuclear program


  • How a weakening NATO has emboldened Putin
  • Potential for miscalculation and conventional conflict tin Europe
  • The success of China establishing hegemony in Asia
  • Is Beijing preparing for conflict?


  • What the Chinese demographic crisis means for potential conflict
  • Implications of call between President-elect Trump and Taiwan
  • Might Japan and South Korea decide to arm themselves with nuclear weapons?
  • Threat from nuclear North Korea


  • Pyongyang’s ballistic missile program
  • What President Trump should do with the Iran deal
  • Should President Trump designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization?


  • A return to peace through strength
  • Social engineering in the military
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