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With Paul Kengor, Peter Brookes, Rep. Mike Pompeo, Fred Fleitz

Dr. PAUL KENGOR, Executive Director of The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College:

  • Reactions to Rudy Giuliani’s destruction of the taboo against questioning President Obama’s love for America
  • Obama’s relationships as an adult with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and Bernardine Dohrn
  • Links between anti-American influences on Obama and the policies he presently pursues
  • What made up President Reagan’s counter-Communism strategy, and can it be adapted to the present era?

Dr. PETER BROOKES, Former Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary for Asian and Pacific Affairs:

  • Questions regarding the leak of a proposed Mosul offensive this spring
  • The imperative for Iraqi security forces to gain victories in Anbar Province before taking Mosul
  • Is the proposed AUMF a political cover for the President?

Rep. MIKE POMPEO (KS-4), Member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence and Select Committee on Benghazi:

  • Secretary of State Kerry’s recent comments about Americans being safer than ever before
  • Is the President submitting to the enemies of the United States?
  • The strategic importance of Guantanamo Bay to U.S. counterterrorism policy
  • Civilization jihad “destroying us from within, with our own hands”

FRED FLEITZ, former CIA Analyst, currently a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy:

  • A loophole in the Iran talks that lets the regime keep the Arak facility and increase uranium enrichment prior to a ten year deal
  • An Iranian dissident group’s discovery of Lavisan-3, a secret subterranean nuclear plant in suburban Tehran
  • Continued controversy over Bibi Netanyahu’s upcoming address to Congress
  • Criticism of newly appointed House Select Intelligence Committee member André Carson (IN-7) for purported ties to Muslim Brotherhood front groups
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