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With Gordon Chang

GORDON CHANG, author of “The Coming Collapse of China”:


  • 2014: the year of assertive Chinese foreign policy
  • The purging of Communist Party officials and political turmoil in China
  • Sluggish manufacture leading to a stagnating Chinese economy despite the low oil prices
  • Beijing’s attempts to close off its markets from international financial actors


  • The Chinese military’s importance as Xi Jinping’s main political faction
  • Similarities between the behavior of the People’s Liberation Army’s and the 1930’s Imperial Army of Japan
  • Grading Chinese nuclear, conventional, and asymmetrical forces
  • How the Chinese navy has benefitted from stolen U.S. technology, and even assistance


  • Chinese breakthroughs in the hypersonic weapons domain
  • The U.S. space program’s heavy reliance on China, despite continued research into space warfare
  • How the cyber component of the Chinese threat matrix are putting U.S. corporations and the electric grid in danger


  • Chinese oversight on North Korea’s cyber warfare program
  • U.S. reserve currency under threat from Communist China
  • Predicting President Xi’s actions in the South and East China Seas
  • Concern from Japan and South Korea regarding U.S. nuclear deterrence
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