Administration Views Nuclear Defense Policy As Political Debate

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With Rep. Mike Turner, Simon Deng, Bill Roggio, Fred Fleitz

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With Mike Turner, Simon Deng,  Bill Roggio, Fred Fleitz

Congressman MIKE TURNER of Ohio details the strategic implications of the administration’s political approach to nuclear defense posture.

SIMON DENG, a survivor of child slavery in Sudan now working as a human rights advocate, articulates why the fighting within South Sudan is a political, not tribal, conflict. He also examines the role that Ugandan troops and north Sudan are playing in the fighting, and argues that the US has a responsibility to intervene because of the role it played in the formation of the country.

BILL ROGGIO, editor of The Long War Journal, critiques the president’s claim that the core of Al-Qaeda is on a path to defeat, and explains the dangers of downplaying the presence of Al-Qaeda operatives embedded in various theaters around the world.

FRED FLEITZ, managing editor at, fact checks the President’s foreign policy claims made during his State of the Union address. Additionally, Fleitz reviews the reforms ordered by the President for the NSA’s intelligence gathering programs.




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