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The Obama “legacy” has a new, deeply problematic manifestation. It’s the predictable – and predicted – fruit of his decision to abandon Iraq by withdrawing essentially all U.S. military personnel, against the strong advice of their leaders and most members of Congress.

The principal beneficiary of this reckless act was Iran, the rabidly anti-American nation he has gone on to further empower, enrich and embolden ever since.

Yesterday, one of Iran’s proxies, Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr flexed his patron’s muscles in the heart of official Baghdad. He sent thousands of his fighters over the walls of the Green Zone, sacking the parliament and demanding a new government there.

The upshot of all this will likely be an Iraq that is even less stable, even less of a bulwark against Iranian aggression and even more of a problem for this country. Some legacy, Mr. President.

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