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With Paul Kengor

PAUL KENGOR, author of “11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative” joins Frank for a riveting one hour show to discuss the decline of American power in a global context and what it means for the future.

On today’s show:

PAUL KENGOR, author of “11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative”:

Part 1:
  • The fundamental transformation of America’s role in the world and who might be next to fill this power void
  • Polish concern about Russian aggression in Eastern Europe
  • The relationship between China’s regional aggression and the perceived decline of American global leadership
Part 2:
  • Comparing the foreign policies of Presidents Obama, Carter, and Reagan
  • Putin’s opinion of Obama’s foreign policy, particularly towards Russia
  • Influence of President Obama’s upbringing on his foreign policy decisions

Part 3:

  • Barack Obama’s political background and relationship with US Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis
  • Influence of White House staffers Valerie Jarett and David Axelrod on the Administration
  • Arguing the need for a loyal opposition to hold the president accountable
Part 4:
  • A history of Hillary Clinton’s religious beliefs, and a look at her current seemingly indifference to religious freedoms
  • Dangers of the Clinton-sponsored Istanbul Process
  • Recommendations for how the Republican Party can create a pro-American alternative to the status-quo
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