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With James O’Keefe

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With James O’Keefe

JAMES O’KEEFE, Founder of Project Veritas, a nonprofit organization dedicated to investigating corruption, dishonesty, waste, and fraud in public and private institutions, Author of American Pravda: My Fight for the Truth in the Era of Fake News (2017):

  • The manipulation of Information technologies in U.S.
  • Implications of filters being applied by Twitter
  • Accountability of media giants


  • American Pravda exposes wrongdoings
  • How our current environment emulates Soviet times
  • Have we reached the end of truth?


  • Where is the truth in modern journalism?
  • History of Project Veritas
  • Left-wing tactics to take down specific orgs/people


  • The synergy between Trump and Project Veritas
  • The ‘fake news’ phenomenon
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