Americans should be free to express themselves without fear

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Originally published by Arab News

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In general, one would say the US is the land of the free, in which five freedoms are cherished and protected by the constitution: The freedoms of speech, religion, press and assembly, and the right to petition the government. The vast majority believe in that, but the reality says otherwise.

I recently read a book by author Dave Rubin entitled, “Don’t Burn This Country,” in which he explained the progressive psychological warfare and authoritarian path we are heading down. People are afraid to express their opinions or beliefs in the current climate. The US has become the land of fear since the majority of people are censoring themselves in order to be “politically correct” and to avoid getting themselves into a verbal or physical altercation.

Rubin wrote: “These fears cross partisan lines. The majority of Democrats (52 percent), independents (59 percent), and Republicans (77 Percent) all agree they have political opinions they are afraid to share.”

Today, American society gives business owners the right to dismiss their employees due to a post on social media. Individuals feel threatened and are afraid of saying the wrong thing in the wrong place. Demonstrations have become an arena for confrontation; wearing a shirt bearing the American flag or a red baseball cap indicates that you are a supporter of the conservatives and, therefore, you are a legitimate target.

That is what the far-left, progressive members of the Democratic Party have been trying to do — control the people and make their solutions the only ones for every citizen. No need to think for yourself; we are here to show you the right way to think, the right way to act and the right way to vote.

In collectivist societies, the individual is a reflection of the group. A person’s identity is an integral part of the identity of the group to which they belong, whether this group is part of a neighborhood, a government institution or the state. For instance, we find different ethnicities as members of Black Lives Matter.

I refuse to be one of the herd, walk in a straight line and do what I am commanded to do. In fact, they remind me of the totalitarian regime in Iraq led by Saddam Hussein. The difference between the progressives and Saddam is that the latter cancels the opposition by assassinating them. In contrast, the radical far left cancels the people that do not agree with their theories.

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