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With A.B. Stoddard, Charles Faddis, Jack David, Gordon Chang

A.B. STODDARD, columnist and political analyst for “The Hill”:
  • Expectations that Republicans will gain Senate seats in tomorrow’s midterm elections
  • Democratic candidates distancing themselves from President Obama as they campaign at home
  • Significant divisions within the Republican party
  • Determining near-term GOP priorities for the new Congress
  • How a Republican Congress works in the favor of a possible presidential bid by Hilary Clinton
CHARLES FADDIS, former head of the CIA’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorism Unit:
  • Russia’s “black energy” capabilities
  • What would result from a Russian cyber attack on U.S. infrastructure?
  • Insights on the effectiveness of American arming and aiding of rebel groups
  • A WMD expert’s take on the chemical weapons found in Iraq and the looming nuclear deal with Iran

JACK DAVID, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction and Negotiations Policy:

  • Will a deal deter the Iranian mullahs’ nuclear weapon ambitions?
  • Prospects that the President will circumvent Congress to make an Iranian nuclear deal
  • North Korea’s ability to put nuclear war heads and EMPs on long range missiles
  • Implications of reducing the size of the American military
GORDON CHANG, author of “The Coming Collapse of China”:
  • China’s relative economic decline in comparison to the strengthening American dollar
  • North Korea’s miniature nuclear device procurement
  • Removal of a senior party official from Hong Kong in response to protests
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