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With Dr. Harold Rhode, Andy McCarthy, Amb. Ken Blackwell, Amb. Roger Noriega

Dr. HAROLD RHODE, Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute, former Turkish Desk Officer at the US Department of Defense:

  • The Islamic world’s war against Israel
  • Falsehoods of peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority/Hamas
  • Strained US/Israeli alliance being projected to other leaders in the Middle East


  • Iran’s actions showing contempt towards the United States
  • Ayatollah Khamenei’s grand strategy in the nuclear negotiations
  • Obama’s openness in dissent for American values
  • Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s strategy to defeat the Kurdish party in Turkey

ANDY McCARTHY, former federal prosecutor:

  • Pros and cons of Congressional hearings
  • Was Hillary Clinton really blind to the U.S.-sponsored gun running taking place in Libya?
  • FBI and Justice Department officials easing up on Hillary Clinton and Lois Lerner

Amb. KEN BLACKWELL, Senior Fellow of Family Empowerment at the Family Research Council, Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Commission:

  • Will Congress disband the Export-Import Bank?
  • Potential of Export-Import Bank to help American companies succeed in the global market

Amb. ROGER NORIEGA, Visiting Fellow at AEI, former Undersecretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs:

  • Cuban troops carrying out Moscow’s agenda both in Syria and in the Western Hemisphere
  • Defection of Venezuelan prosecutor in the case of presidential candidate, Leopoldo Lopez
  • Venezuela’s oil economy being used to launder funds in support of narco-terrorism
  • Russia establishing a “counter-narcotics center” in Nicaragua
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