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Sunday’s New York Times Magazine features a fawning – and chilling – portrait of a disinformation campaign that’s operated for eight years at the highest levels of the U.S. government. Its object has not been to fool foreign powers or audiences. Rather, the point of propaganda campaigns orchestrated by senior Obama aide Ben Rhodes has been to deceive the American people.

The paper credits Rhodes in particular with exploiting the presidency and the inexperience, incompetence and sympathy for the Obama agenda of much of today’s media to sell the “nuclear deal” with Iran. Rhodes manufactured a false narrative about when negotiations started, misrepresented the nature and terms of the unsigned agreement and used a friendly, socially-networked echo-chamber to subvert congressional and allies’ opposition.

National security fraud endangers us all. Ben Rhodes is now exposed as its witting, and damnable, perpetrator.

Frank Gaffney, Jr.
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