Biden’s “America last” UN agenda

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In President Biden’s speech to the United Nations yesterday, he declared U.S. support for a long list of problematic leftist approaches to, among other things: climate change, food insecurity, human rights, international peace and the LGTBQ agenda.

In the mix, he endorsed a particularly dubious idea: Adding more nations as veto-wielding permanent members of the UN Security Council. The Left has long promoted this idea as not only as a way to elevate the stature of their favorite Third World countries in various regions, but to diminish the clout of existing Western members, including the United States.

Mr. Biden implicitly condemned Russia’s use of its Security Council veto, yet favors giving that power to more states. The practical effect would be to eliminate whatever limited utility the Council still has, rendering it little more than an expensive, but utterly irrelevant, debating society.

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