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Half-a-world apart, two imminent conflicts are on the cusp of going critical. Communist China apparently is prepared to have Hezbollah – the foreign legion of its Mideast proxy, Iran – engage in a full-on war with Israel. And the Chinese military is itself now physically attacking Philippine vessels at a place called Second Thomas Shoal.

The United States has a direct interest in both of these crises. Our allies are under assault by their mortal enemies – and ours. Our priority should be on deterring further violence from being inflicted on America’s friends. The most sure way to accomplish that is for the United States to stand firmly alongside them.

Instead, the Biden administration has done everything possible to appease Iran’s mullahs and undermine Israel. And instead of visibly demonstrating solidarity with the Filipinos, it has been largely AWOL.

Brace for impact.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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