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The kangaroo court known as the House January 6 Committee has finally brought its serial miscarriages of justice to an end, predictably, by referring criminal charges alleging former President Donald Trump “incited” an insurrection that day.

But, there was no “insurrection.”

The Committee’s highly selective investigation notwithstanding, Mr. Trump bore no responsibility for two factors that principally enabled what were “mostly peaceful” incursions inside the Capitol that day. First, the building had a reduced level of security, not a heightened one – including several open doors. And second there were clearly provocateurs in the crowd, some of whom appear to have had ties to the FBI.

There may have been a conspiracy to influence the 2020 election certification proceedings. An honest investigation, however, would find evidence pointing to culpability among the congressional leadership, not those targeted by this rigged one’s trumped-up charges.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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