By slashing our nuclear weapons, Obama ignores Asia threats

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President Obama meets today with the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe. Both men will be at pains to emphasize the U.S. commitment to its most important ally in Asia and the confidence the Japanese have in America’s longstanding security guarantees.

Unfortunately, this spin is utterly belied by: the Obama administration’s hollowing out of our military; its cynical machinations that ensure sequestration will make further, devastating cuts in our ability to project power; and the President’s incipient announcement that he will cut by one-third the obsolescing U.S. nuclear arsenal.

At a time when Japan is facing threats from China and North Korea that grow literally by the day, closing America’s nuclear umbrella and disengaging from the Western Pacific will only serve to undermine our friends there and embolden their enemies – and ours.

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