California Blackouts Show a Secure Grid is Imperative

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This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.

Millions of Californians are today the proverbial canaries in the mine shaft. In large swaths of the state, they are suffering not only the destructive effects of wildfires, but the often acute challenge of living for protracted periods without electricity.

Fortunately, today’s blackouts are not comprehensive. People with medical conditions that would be fatal if untreated by therapies that require refrigeration or power for other purposes can flee to areas where the lights are still on. But the impacts – economic, physical and societal – are nonetheless far-reaching, hugely disruptive and costly.

Much of such hardship, devastation and dislocation arises from the fact that California’s largest electric utility has long neglected steps needed to enhance the resiliency of its “grid.” The truth is most Americans are similarly at risk and we must take steps now to secure the grid nationwide.

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