Law of the Sea Treaty

For years, the Center has been on-point in the fight to stymie the otherwise-certain ratification of the little-known Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST)– known by its admirers as “a constitution of the oceans.” Indeed, it is a prime example of “lawfare,” an invitation to the use of domestic and international courts, treaties and “norms” to promote world government at the expense of US sovereignty, security and economic interests.

Starting in 2005, the Center organized opposition from 75 grassroots organizations. Then, in 2008, the Center’s team convinced every member of the Senate GOP leadership and every Republican candidate for president to go on record in opposition to the Treaty. The Center was one of just two organizations invited by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to testify in opposition to the Treaty in 2008 and is laying the groundwork for a renewed effort by its cohort should President Obama resume the fight for LOST’s ratification.