China Boasts of Military Buildup While Pushing ‘Dialogue’ with U.S.

KING ALBERT II VISIT TO CHINA JUNE 20050607 BEIJING Voyage du Roi Albert II de Belgique et de la Reine Paola en Chine. Roi AlbertII Reine Paola lors de la ceremonie officielle d accueil par le president chinois Hu Jintao Militaires palais du peuple place Tian anmen ©Jean-Luc Flemal /ASAP ***BELGIUM OUT***

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Originally published by Breitbart

Chinese state media boasted of China’s massive military buildup over the weekend while simultaneously claiming Beijing wants nothing more than to renew friendly dialogue with the United States under the Biden administration.

China’s state-run Global Times reported Sunday that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has developed “a new type of training system that would improve military training in all respects, strengthen the capability to win wars and build the Chinese military into a world-class one.”

The Global Times did not discuss the system, approved by dictator Xi Jinping — whose many titles also include Chairman of the Central Military Commission — in detailbut the article hinted it would include some combination of real-world combat drills and high-tech simulations. The goal is to “train as if exercises are real wars, boost joint exercises, enhance training with technology, strengthen talent support and follow patterns and laws of training and winning wars.”

A Chinese military expert whom the Global Times quoted said the new training regimen will combine “training with real combat, to the extent that the two need to be highly identical.” This has been the fundamental goal of all serious military training throughout human history, so it is interesting that Chinese state media felt the need to brag that its soldiers are really digging in and learning how to be killers now.

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