Chinese journalist details Beijing’s strategy to conquer Hong Kong and purge it of its people

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The Chinese regime has a strategic plan to conquer Hong Kong and purging it of any citizens who oppose the Communist Party.

“The Chinese Communist Party is implementing a strategic plan to destroy Hong Kong through a psychological warfare campaign against the population, training of new cadres to run the city, and a mass exodus of as many millions of Hong Kongers as possible who oppose Beijing’s central rule,” MEMRI reports.

Veteran journalist Ching Cheong summarizes the plan, spelled out over several years in Beijing-controlled media, which MEMRI presents in English for the first time.

Ching “describes three initial ‘countermeasures’ to a democratic Hong Kong that Beijing implemented in 2003, and another 10 ‘countermeasures’ issued in 2012 to purge and absorb Hong Kong over time,” MEMRI says.

The “ultimate plan” of the strategy, according to Ching, is “to destroy Hong Kong by ‘keeping Hong Kong but not Hong Kong people.'”

Beijing’s “one country, two systems” pledge to the world was, as the Center for Security Policy said when the British handed full control of its former colony to Beijing in 1997, a deception to conquer the prosperous city-state. The Center called it “one country, one system.”

Implementation began before 2003 protests

The Chinese Communist Party began implementing the plan in May of 2003, before the first massive anti-Beijing protests began in July, using those protests as an after-the-fact pretext to build a false narrative. Ching explains in his article for MEMRI that the “three countermeasures” plan was “to establish a database of hostile forces,” to “set up a cyber-psychological warfare team,” and to “set up think-tanks to plan for long and peaceful reign.”

First Countermeasure: Database Of Hostile Hong Kongers

Of the three countermeasures of 2003 and the 10 countermeasures of 2012, we will reprint the translation here of what Ching wrote, and refer the reader to the MEMRI article for the rest:

The original report said that the first countermeasures, to establish a database of hostile forces would be as follows:

  • Conduct a patient, long-term material collection that can be done by all means possible, even unethically, and of course, from news reports.
  • These materials can be pulled out at any time when they are needed. No matter how old negative news is, it is not a concern that it be repeatedly and constantly hyped. These materials can be fully coordinated with large and small media. On the one hand, they can satisfy people’s desire for tale telling (curiosity for privacy), and on the other hand, the materials can completely destroy a person’s public image.
  • At the same time, some gossips can even be fabricated out of thin air and spread on the Internet. A repeated slander makes others believe, and may become a “fact” over time.

From the content of the countermeasure, we can see that the CCP’s attack on the so-called “hostile forces” will be utterly unscrupulous.

How is this “database of hostile forces” created? According to people familiar with the matter, they mainly target the following sectors:

1. Academia (tertiary institutions and academic institutions)

2. Academia (secondary schools, mainly for principals and teachers)

3. Political parties

4. Non-leftist trade unions and associations

5. Media

6. Social worker and welfare sector

7. Churches

8. The judiciary

9. Hong Kong and Hong Kong-based foreign NGOs

10. Hong Kong government civil servants.

Click here for the English translation of Ching Cheong’s entire MEMRI article.

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