Col. Phil Waldron – Election fraud-buster

Concept of US presidentail election ballot being completed

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There’s a war on to determine whether our constitutional Republic will survive the 2020 presidential election. The critical battles are being fought not just in courts, newsrooms and government offices across the country, but in state legislatures that have a unique responsibility for the conduct and integrity of their voters’ balloting.

Legislators last week in Pennsylvania and yesterday in Arizona heard from a singularly effective warrior in these battles: retired Army Colonel and cyber- and political-warfare specialist Phil Waldron, who documented the comprehensive effort mounted this year to defraud voters and steal the White House – and how it was done.

Col. Waldron’s testimony decisively rebuts those who insist there’s “no evidence” of fraud in this election. All of us who love this country must ensure that his compelling research and conclusions are given their day in court and in state legislatures now.

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