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With Christian Whiton

CHRISTIAN WHITON, former senior State Department advisor, currently of D.C. International Advisory:


  • Would “jobs for jihadists” eradicate radical Islamism?
  • Ideological ties between different jihadist groups, despite a lack of common leadership
  • Similarities between the fights against the ideologies of Soviet Communism and radical Islamism
  • What is behind the U.S.’s reluctance to ally with Egyptian President el-Sisi, who is speaking out against radical Islam?


  • Comparing U.S. diplomacy towards the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs
  • Why Cold War tactics and strategic talking points are failing to deter the millennial Iranian regime
  • Responding to criticism that Bibi Netanyahu’s upcoming speech to Congress is partisan


  • Putin’s disregard for Obama as evidenced by his Ukrainian land grabs and posture toward the Baltics and Central Asia
  • Chances of the U.S. actually engaging in a full-scale conflict with China or Russia
  • The urgent need for U.S. leadership on the global stage to prevent allies from cutting deals with hostile actors
  • Using a strong military as an anchor for effective diplomacy


  • Does Chinese aggression in the S. and E. China Seas and along the Indian border stem from a perceived weakness of U.S. foreign policy?
  • Japan’s potential to go fully nuclear to deter its Chinese neighbors
  • An insecure U.S. southern border inviting malice from foreign adversaries
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