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With Prof. Michael Waller

Prof. MICHAEL WALLER, Senior Fellow at Center for Security Policy, and co- author of “Meeting the Ideological Challenge of Islamism: How to Combat Modern Radical Islam”:

  • Reaction to President Obama’s plan to defeat ISIS
  • Understanding the ideological background of radical Islam
  • Sharia’s role in motivating jihadists
  • How Saudi Arabia has deceived the West


  • Relationship between the communist movement and the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Soviet communism and Islamism’s political warfare strategy
  • Muslim Brotherhood’s civilization jihad


  • Muslim Brotherhood penetration of President Bush’s administrations following 9/11
  • Promotion of the Muslim Brotherhood in the early 2000s
  • The political left’s assistance to civilization jihad
  • Implications of submission to sharia in the U.S.


  • DHS’s failure in vetting sharia adherent Muslims
  • Political correctness preventing individuals from protecting the U.S.
  • How to exploit the Muslim Brotherhood’s vulnerabilities
  • Treating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization


  • Implications of Venezuela’s parliamentary elections
  • President Maduro’s possible course of action
  • Importance of Argentina’s presidential elections
  • Possibility of Ecuador shifting away from the Left
  • Dangers of mass Cuban migration
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