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With Jerry Boykin

Lt. Gen. JERRY BOYKIN, former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence:
  • A synopsis of Lt. Gen Boykin’s new novel, “The Coalition”
  • The commonalities between Boykin and co-author Kamal Saleem and the two main characters of the novel
  • The subversive agenda of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation
  • Training military personnel to better understand jihadist ideology
  • Penetration of the American government at all levels by Islamist sympathizers and agents
  • Double dealing religious leaders supporting the jihadist agenda
  • The challenges of interfaith dialogue between Christians and Muslims
  • Deep cuts made to the size and modernization efforts of the American military
  • The adverse impact of progressive social experiments on military readiness


  • President Obama’s disregard for the unique defense utility of anti-personnel land mines
  • How the expected upcoming nuclear deal enables Iranian development of WMD’s
  • The American military’s excessive dependence on vulnerable space-based assets
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