Four weeks after release, Big Intel remains a #1 Amazon bestseller

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Big Intel has been a #1 Amazon bestseller in new titles on intelligence every day since its release on January 16.

The book, by the Center’s Senior Analyst for Strategy J. Michael Waller, shows how the FBI and CIA descended from Cold War heroes to Deep State villains by embracing critical theory and weaponizing themselves against traditional American society.

The wholesale warehouse giant Costco is selling Big Intel among its few nonfiction titles, with strategic placement alongside famed biographer Walter Isaacson’s new biography of revolutionary entrepreneur Elon Musk (see photo).

“Breaking into the commercial publishing industry is proving a cost-effective way for the Center for Security Policy to reach wider audiences and influence public debate,” Waller said. “It requires no expensive in-house public relations team or internal inventory. It eliminates staff time and expense of distributing hardcover and audio books.”

As of today, the hardcover edition of Big Intel is the #1 new release in Espionage True Accounts.

Either the hard cover or the audio edition has been the Amazon #1 bestselling new title on Intelligence and Espionage since the book’s release.

Big Intel is on the Amazon bestseller list of new titles on Espionage, Political Intelligence, Ideologies and Doctrines, and Conservatism and Liberalism.

The book is even on the bestseller list of all titles – not just new releases – in the intelligence field.

Presently Big Intel’s audio edition ranks #31 and the hardcover #35 among all bestsellers in Political Intelligence on Amazon, just trailing Tim Weiner’s monumental Legacy of Ashes about the CIA, and Pulitzer prizewinner Beverly Gage’s massive biography of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.

At the Costco store in Washington, DC, Big Intel is displayed alongside Walter Isaacson’s biography of revolutionary entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Big Intel is displayed between Walter Isaacson’s biography of Elon Musk and a story under the name of Britney Spears at the Costco in Pentagon City, Virginia.

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