From the Iron Dome to Yeminite Jews: Ellie Cohanim addresses the crises in the Middle East

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Originally published by CBN News

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From Iran’s nuclear program to the US pullout from Afghanistan to the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Yemen, the Middle East, and beyond is going through a cataclysmic change.

To help explain the dangers in the region and why it matters to Americans, CBN News talked with Iranian-born Middle East expert Ellie  Cohanim.  She currently serves as a Senior Fellow at the Center for Strategic Studies and also served as the US State Department’s first Iranian-born Envoy.  During her tenure, she helped forge groundbreaking partnerships in the Arab world with the Abraham Accords.

In this wide-ranging interview, we asked Cohanim about this week’s attempt by Progressive Democrats to defund Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile defense system; her recent address to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva concerning ethnic cleansing of Jews in Yemen and the geopolitical fallout of the US pullout from Afghanistan.

Ellie Cohanim

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