Gen. Kelly’s Inspiring Call for a Return to Civility, and Greatness

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In Washington these days, character and dignity are in short supply.  It was heartening to see both exhibited magnificently last week by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

At a press briefing, the retired four-star Marine general spoke poignantly, but powerfully, about official expressions of condolences for the sacrifice of those killed in action.  Gen. Kelly knows firsthand what is entailed:  While still on active duty, he lost a son, also a combat Marine, in Afghanistan.

He mourned the fact that in America today, it is fair game to demean or otherwise exploit – especially politically – our once-sacred women, faith, Gold Star families and now even the fallen.

Despite determined efforts to deflect attention from his message, we owe General Kelly and all those he represents not only our admiration, but a return to the conduct befitting a great, and grateful, nation.

Frank Gaffney, Jr.
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