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With Joe Bosco

JOE BOSCO, Former China Country Director, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Member of the U.S.-China task force at the Center for National Interest:

  • The character of China at the moment
  • Implications of China’s “One country-two systems” theme
  • An overview of the Hong Kong protests
  • Lam reverses previous decision not to withdraw Extradition Bill


  • How the U.S. can discourage China from cracking down on protesters
  • Why engagement has been the focus of America’s China policy
  • Is the peaceful rise of China a myth?


  • Kissinger’s role in influencing U.S.-China relations
  • How can the U.S. better support the defense of Taiwan?
  • Consequences of Xi Jinping’s ambitions for Taiwan


  • The U.S. must commit to freedom for Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • We must revise the standing U.S. policy regarding China

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