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With Matt Brodsky, Michael Rowan, Gordon Chang and Dr. James Mitchell

MATT BRODSKY, Senior Analyst in Wikistrat’s Analytic Community:

  • President al-Sisi’s visit to the White House
  • Saudi-Egyptian relations
  • Possible war between Hezbollah and Israel

DR. JAMES MITCHELL, Key architect of the CIA’s Enhanced Interrogation Program:

  • The character of sharia supremacists
  • Did Salafists hijack Islam?
  • Should the President designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization?

GORDON CHANG, columnist, World Affairs Journal blogger, Contributor at The Daily Beast:

  • President Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to Florida
  • Beijing’s militarization of Africa
  • China’s second evil child

MICHAEL ROWAN, Columnist at El Universal and Veneeconomia:

  • The latest from Venezuela
  • Did Maduro actually back down?
  • How the U.S. props up the Maduro regime

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