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With Mark Krikorian

It’s not because this administration [is] sitting behind closed doors and rubbing their hands together, saying, “how can we harm Americans?” The problem here is that from their perspective, Americans don’t really have a greater claim on their concerns than foreigners. In other words, illegal immigrants are just as legitimate constituents, if you will, of this administration—from its perspective—as American citizens are. And so, there’s no reason that they should be treated in any way differently…There are hundreds of thousands, almost a million people, ordered deported who simply ignored the order because they were not detained by immigration. This is clearly an example of putting politics, or even more ideology, before the safety of American citizens.”

MARK KRIKORIAN, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, features in a special-one hour interview about the national security impact of the influx of illegal immigrants entering the United States along the southern border.

Part 1:

  • Who are the illegal aliens pouring into the United States? About 1/3 of illegal aliens crossing into the U.S. via the Mexico-Texas border are “unaccompanied minors.” This catch-all term includes young men claiming to be 16 or 17 years old, many of whom have known gang connections
  • Impact on public safety the mass of illegal immigrants is causing, especially in regards to the health of border communities

Part 2:

  • Understanding how the combination of downgraded enforcement, the DREAM Act, and the government’s policy of delivering unaccompanied minors to relatives already in the US—no questions asked—has contributed to this “invasion”
  • Evaluating the current degree of security at the Mexico-US border and the condition of the Border Patrol agents—a group of law enforcement officers that number less than the NYPD force and are charged with protecting every American border

Part 3:

  • Ways in which the use of prosecutorial discretion to downgrade illegal immigration to a “secondary offense” is transforming America
  • Critique of the refugee industry racket

Part 4:

  • Reflections on the defeat of the “Texas Reform” in the new Texas GOP platform, and Eric Cantor’s loss
  • How much does a Republican win in 2016 hinge on a GOP change on amnesty?
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