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The evidence continues to mount that President Obama’s deal with Iran is the worst national security agreement in our country’s history. The latest indicator of that dubious distinction came with recent Iranian tests of long-range ballistic missiles.

The missiles are designed to carry nuclear warheads, first to Europe and – with further improvements – to the United States. Those warheads will reportedly be able to maneuver, a capability we currently – scandalously – have no defenses to defeat.

U.S. officials are excusing these ominous missile tests by claiming that they do not violate the Obamabomb deal. They’re blithely assuring our allies we’ll protect them against such threats. These assertions compound the falsehoods deployed previously to sell this grievously defective accord.

Its supporters – especially Democratic presidential candidates debating tonight in Las Vegas – must be held accountable for national security fraud. And the Obamabomb deal must be repudiated.

Frank Gaffney, Jr.
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