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With Gordon Chang, Morton Klein, Peter Pry, Michael S. Smith II GORDON CHANG, author of The Coming Collapse of China:

  • China’s unprecedented demographic abnormalities
  • Is China’s belligerent foreign policy a result of domestic desperation?
  • Why the United States must impose costs on China for unacceptable behavior
  • Reasons why the Chinese Communist Party is liable to lash out in its death throes

MORTON KLEIN, National President of the Zionist Organization of America:

  • The existential threat posed by the Iran deal to both Israel and the United States
  • Why does Obama still seek a deal despite new evidence of hidden Iranian nuclear facilities?
  • Reasons why Iran no longer fears the U.S.
  • Is there hope for the US-Israel relationship?

PETER PRY, Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security

  • Iran’s official EMP doctrine
  • The IAEA’s dismal history of failure
  • A hypothetical nuclear/EMP doomsday scenario
  • Islanding, the state-level solution to the federal government’s inaction on the SHIELD Act

MICHAEL S. SMITH II, counter-terrorism expert and Principal at Kronos Advisory:

  • Assessing the strength and credibility of the Al-Shabaab threats against the US
  • Islamic State threats against Twitter executives
  • Growth of the global jihadist movement counter to the Obama Administration’s earlier narrative
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