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With Jed Babbin, Diana West, Dr. Peter Pry, Ambassador Francis Rooney

JED BABBIN, Former US Deputy Undersecretary of Defense:

  • The ‘green-on-blue’ killing of Major General Harold Greene in Afghanistan
  • Worrisome findings from the National Defense Panel of a lopsided relationship between the US defense budget and needed military capabilities
  • President Obama and Secretary Kerry working with Qatar and Turkey to negotiate a Gaza cease-fire
  • The UN Human Rights Council’s role in fostering anti-Israeli sentiments worldwide

DIANA WEST, author of “American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character”:

  • Afghanistan’s bleak future as America continues its troop withdrawal
  • Merits of impeaching the President while the Constitution still allows it
  • High level Republican party members who refuse to acknowledge President Obama’s impeachable offenses

Dr. PETER PRY, former Director of the Congressional EMP Commission:

  • Is Obama’s new initiative to increase access to electricity in Sub-saharan Africa worth the expense, considering the vulnerability of the US’s own grid?
  • NASA’s estimation of a 12% chance that Earth will be hit by a major solar storm in the next decade
  • A new bill to require DHS to prepare emergency plans for an electromagnetic pulse event

Amb. FRANCIS ROONEY, Former US Ambassador to the Vatican:

  • Pope Francis’s meeting with Meriam Ibrahim, a persecuted Sudanese Christian woman
  • Is Pope Francis’s fight for social justice overshadowing the need to combat violence in the name of religion?
  • The worldwide threat posed by Shariah
  • Concerns over the concentration of judicial authority in the hands of radical Islamists
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