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In Poland last week, President Biden threw rhetorical matches into a potential nuclear tinder box. His suggestion that the 82nd Airborne would soon be in Ukraine and his subsequent declaration that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power” invited preemptive action by the Kremlin.

Our PresentDangerChina.org webinar last week established that, given Putin’s doctrine, preparations and paranoia, such loose talk could well precipitate his first-use of nuclear weapons. The speed with which the White House walked back both statements suggests the magnitude of the danger.

Several conclusions follow from this latest Biden debacle: One, It’s time for Joe to go. Two, if he won’t resign, the 25th Amendment must be invoked to remove him. And, three, a new, non-partisan vice president must be appointed, one with a robust national security background who will promise not to run in 2024.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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