Keep the Port of Wilmington Out of Enemy Hands

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How much would it be worth to Saddam Hussein’s nuclear bomb-maker to be able to control a major U.S. port through which he could secretly bring lethal weapons – or just about anything else – into this country?  It turns out the answer is $589 million.

That’s how much a company co-owned by Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar’s family and a sheikh from the United Arab Emirates has agreed to pay to build and operate for the next fifty years a new shipping container facility in Wilmington, Delaware. Officials there are expected to approve this ominous arrangement tomorrow.

Twelve years ago, the idea of having a company from the UAE run American ports was wisely rejected.  If anything, this one – known as  Gulftainer – is even more worrisome.

Tell the Port of Wilmington:  No deal for Gulftainer.  Call Secretary Robert Coupe at 302-744-2680.

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