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With Nick Adams

NICK ADAMS, Australian commentator, author, and columnist; author of the soon to be released “Retaking America: Crushing Political Correctness”:

  • Political correctness as a totalitarian ideology
  • The Red-Green Axis revisted
  • Islam and Freedom of Speech


  • Political correctness taking its toll on Western Europe
  • Losing the war against radical Islamists
  • America on the same destructive path as her European allies


  • How the “Victimhood Movement” manifests itself in Australia
  • Australian hard line stance on illegal immigration
  • Long term consequences of the Syrian refugee crisis


  • “The world will be cloaked in darkness if America doesn’t regain full health”
  • Urgent need to reinstate the American idea, wage a culture war, and manipulate liberal tactics
  • 2016 – the rise of the anti-PC politician


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