Mark Helprin explains the “expansionist empire” of the Chinese Communist Party

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With Mark Helprin

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With Mark Helprin

MARK HELPRIN, Novelist, journalist and conservative commentator, Former Senior fellow of the Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy, Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Latest book Paris in the Present Tense (2017):

  • The DOJ dropping the case against Michael Flynn
  • The weaponization of US intelligence agencies


  • A history of the United States’ preparedness for a viral disease outbreak
  • What could the US have done to better prepare for the coronavirus outbreak?
  • What have the Chinese taken away from the coronavirus pandemic?


  • China’s aspirations to dominate the international world
  • What makes the Chinese system of government so threatening?
  • China’s dominance over the South China Sea
  • How the Chinese rely on American capital markets to fund their military technology


  • Russia’s nuclear doctrine compared to the United States’
  • How North Korea has built up their biological weapons program

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