Memo to the GOP: Say ‘no’ to Joe ‘Beijing’ Biden

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House Republicans recently announced their determination to investigate Joe Biden’s personal and deep compromise by the Chinese Communist Party. Unfortunately, evidence abounds of this most serious penetration of America’s leadership by a hostile foreign power in the history of our Republic.

The most recent example is the Biden administration’s acceptance last week of the principle that the United States has to pay what amount to reparations to developing nations for helping warm the planet. If this agreement stands, we can only guess at the extent of the wealth transfer in prospect – and its squandering by corrupt recipients.

What we do know is that the Chinese Communist Party will be a prime beneficiary of this arrangement on the absurd pretext that China is still a “developing nation” and a responsible environmental steward.

Memo to the GOP: Say “No” to Joe “Beijing Biden.”

This is Frank Gaffney.

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