Navy Secretary Warns Against Our Funding the China Threat

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This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.

There’s an unfolding, high-stakes scandal about which  most of us are oblivious. It involves several financial industry insiders quietly deciding to invest the retirement funds of American military personnel – both serving ones and veterans – and of other federal government employees in Communist Chinese companies.

Some of these companies are building weapons and strategically located fortified islands that pose a potentially mortal threat to our people, allies and interests. It’s actually illegal to do business a number of them.

Fortunately, Richard Spencer – himself a former top Wall Street executive who is now our Navy Secretary – issued a powerful warning today about this scandal in the Wall Street Journal. He called for this decision to be reversed “before a single dollar from [the Thrift Savings Plan] pays for a weapons system aimed in our direction.”

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