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With Ann Fishman

ANN FISHMAN, Founder of the Liberty Legal Project:

Segment One:

  • A background on Shariah and how it infringes on freedom of expression and religion
  • The role blasphemy plays in Shariah law
  • An argument that no subjective interpretations on Shariah allowed, while existing beliefs are hypocritical

Segment Two:

  • The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s activities in the international community
  • Censorship of “Islamaphobic” speech across the globe
  • The scandal surrounding Tulsa Police Captain Paul Fields, who was demoted after refusing to visit a mosque for sensitivity training

Segment Three:

  • Combating intolerance by violating the U.S.’ First Amendment?
  • The involvement of Hillary Clinton in the passing of the 16/18 Resolution

Segment Four:

  • The effort to outlaw the use of Shariah law in U.S. courts via the “American Laws for American Courts” movement
  • Susan Rice’s comments condemning an anti-Islam video that she blamed for the Benghazi attack
  • Civilization jihad’s impact on the U.S.
  • Suggestions on what Americans can do to preserve their freedom of speech
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