North Carolina takes action on Antifa tactics, but governor covers for anarchists

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Recently the North Carolina state assembly became the latest state legislature to approve legislation to address violent and destructive rioting tactics used by anarchist and communist groups, such as Antifa.

Unfortunately, Governor Roy Cooper covered for Antifa by vetoing this commonsense legislation, another example of progressive politicians playing games with law enforcement and public safety.

The North Carolina bill would have increased the penalty for those arrested for rioting in a riot in which deaths or injury occurred, or significant damage was inflicted. It would also have increased penalties for any rioter who assaulted emergency personnel, including law enforcement officers or members of the National Guard. The summer 2020 riots cost law enforcement agencies in the state of North Carolina millions of dollars and insurance claims reached over $10 million.

Since radical organizations supporting Antifa rioters with systematic bail funds essentially results in revolving door justice, the North Carolina bill would have tightened bail and pre-trial release requirements similar to what they are in the state for domestic violence offenses.

The bill passed both the North Carolina House (63-41) and Senate (25-19) after making its way through the committee process over a period of 5 months.

It is important to reiterate that the legislation was specifically designed to address riots that cause bodily injury, deaths, significant damage or included assaults on emergency personnel.

Governor Roy Cooper decided to side with those who cause injury, death and attack our first responders.

What is troubling is that siding with Antifa is becoming a pattern with Democrat politicians. At the height of the Antifa riots and violence in 2020, Congressional leaders and members Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were both asked to condemn Antifa violence and refused to do so.

Radical mayors in Seattle and Portland directed their police to stand aside while Antifa rioters sowed chaos in the streets of their cities. And district attorneys, whose election war-chests were funded by left-wing foundations, have refused to prosecute rioters, letting them off scot-free after police officers risked their lives to apprehend them.

The increasing tolerance of violence on the Left is one of the most underreported stories in America today and will likely have growing implications for law enforcement. Roy Cooper’s veto of common-sense legislation in North Carolina is only the most recent and most blatant example.

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