Now, Britain’s ‘Special Relationship’ Will Be With Communist China

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British Prime Minister Theresa May announced yesterday that her government would allow the People’s Liberation Army-tied telecommunications company, Huawei, to operate “some” of the U.K.’s fifth-generation wireless network.

In reaching this decision, Mrs. May reportedly disregarded objections from both her own security services and Britain’s most important ally, the United States.

The reason for such opposition is clear: Where Huawei is present, so is the Chinese Communist Party. A 5G network that they have access to will be: compromised from a security point of view; a vehicle for acquiring and manipulating data and the so-called internet of things it operates; and potentially a weapon in enemy hands. In addition, such penetration will imperil U.S.-U.K. intelligence-sharing and defense cooperation.

Winston Churchill famously called the bond between his country and ours “the special relationship.”  From now on, Britain’s will be with Communist China.

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