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A new book about America’s most damaging female spy reveals the difficulty associated with ferreting out our enemies’ “moles” inside U.S. spy and other agencies. For years, the Defense Intelligence Agency’s former top Cuba officer, Ana Montes, worked undetected and devastatingly for the Castro regime.

The failings of U.S. counter-intelligence today are, if anything, even worse. The FBI has not only failed to expose what is arguably the greatest internal threat to our national security ever – namely, the Chinese Communist Party’s suborning of Hunter Biden and his dad. The Bureau actually covered up that fact, as it has Joe’s mishandling of highly classified documents.

Now we learn that the former head of the FBI’s New York counter-intelligence operations has been indicted for taking money from a foreign spy service and a Russian oligarch.

Memo to House Republicans: Overhaul U.S. counterintelligence NOW.

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