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The election of an erstwhile narco-terrorist leader to be Colombia’s next president moves Latin America to the brink of being entirely run by this country’s enemies. With the fall of Peru and Chile to Communists last year and the prospect that Brazil’s electorate may soon return to power its former radical leader, Lula, an enduring ascendancy of indigenous Marxists seems assured.

Worse yet, external forces are at work there, as well. The Chinese Communists and their Russian and Iranian allies are aggressively expanding influence operations, infrastructure build-outs and basing arrangements that will strengthen their footholds in the Western Hemisphere under the banner of today’s Communist Internationale, known as the Forum of Sao Paolo. No good can come of all this for U.S. commercial or strategic interests – or the flow of still more illegal aliens fleeing leftist predations.

Paging President Monroe.

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