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With Dr. Monica Crowley, Tzvi Kahn, Patrick Dunleavy, Gordon Chang

Dr. MONICA CROWLEY, Host of the Monica Crowley Show, and Fox News Contributor:

  • Analysis of the Paris terror attacks
  • Obama’s willingness to bring Syrian refugees to the US
  • Treasonous policy of the administration concerning national security

TZVI KAHN, Senior Policy Analyst for the Foreign Policy Initiative:

  • Iran’s actions since the Obamabomb deal
  • Tehran showing contempt for the United States

PATRICK DUNLEAVY, served as Deputy Inspector General of the Criminal Intelligence Unit of New York State:

  • Several of the Charlie Hebdo attackers and enablers had served prior time at Guantanamo Bay and in the French prison system
  • Repercussions of moving Gitmo detainees onto US soil
  • Five Gitmo prisoners released to the United Arab Emirates following the weekend’s terror attacks in Paris

GORDON CHANG, Author of “The Coming Collapse of China”:

  • Effects of South Korea’s increased partnership with China
  • China’s continued aggression in the South China Sea
  • Prospects for peace in the Pacific Ocean
  • How Burma’s elections affect Beijing
  • Dangers of American negligence to space warfare
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