President Trump – Just Say ‘No’ to Gulftainer

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President Trump recently blocked the takeover of an important American strategic asset by a potentially hostile entity. He must do it again, now.

In March, Mr. Trump prevented Broadcom, a Singapore-based proxy for Communist China, from gaining control of its U.S. competitor, Qualcomm. Today, Gulftainer, a company based in the United Arab Emirates, is poised to take control of the strategically located port of Wilmington, Delaware.

Unless the President intervenes on national security grounds, the Delaware General Assembly will approve this transaction on Thursday. Then a company that is co-owned by the family of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear bomb-maker and a joint-venturer with a Russian enterprise that conceals cruise missile launchers in shipping containers will be cleared to operate the Port of Wilmington.

That company already runs Port Canaveral, Florida and Jacksonville, Galveston and Oakland are in its sights.

Mr. Trump, Just say “No.”

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