USA and Iran balls smashing together. Political conflict concept . 3D Rendering

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With Ilan Berman

Dr. ILAN BERMAN, Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council, Associated Faculty at Missouri State University’s Defense and Strategic Studies, Editor of The Journal of International Security Affairs, Author of “Iran’s Deadly Ambition: The Islamic Republic’s Quest for Global Power” (Aug. 2015):

  • How to navigate the ‘unchartered waters’ in the US-Iranian relationship
  • Further action the US should take against Iran
  • Analyzing the state of the economy in Iran


  • How the killing of Soleimani changed the calculus of the Iranian regime
  • What change is the Trump administration trying to get from Iran?
  • The effectiveness of the ‘maximum pressure’ campaign


  • Is there an alternative to the rule of the Mullahs for the Iranian people?
  • Where Turkey stands as an ally of the United States


  • Breaking down Russia’s return to the Middle East
  • How the Israel-Palestine issue has been pushed to the back burner
  • What role is China playing in the Middle East?

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