Prevent the Chinese Communist Party from crashing our stock market

Investing and stock market concept gain and profits with faded candlestick charts.

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Wall Street financiers make so much money investing mostly other people’s funds in the Chinese Communist Party’s companies that they are indifferent to the fact that doing so means we are underwriting the CCP threat. That’s nuts.

They’re also opposed to the reinstitution of “the Uptick Rule” as a hedge against the kind of intentional stock market crash called for by the CCP’s Unrestricted Warfare strategy. It can prevent massive and automated sell-offs that crater the economy – and skew elections. That rule was in place for decades, until shortly before the 2008 crash that helped elect Barack Obama.

Economic warfare expert Kevin Freeman warns that if President Trump does not order the Securities and Exchange Commission to reinstitute the uptick rule immediately, we are inviting our foes to take down our markets. We literally can’t afford to make that mistake, again.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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