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Last week, Ukrainians seeking their freedom from Vladimir Putin’s puppet in Kiev, were subjected to murderous violence. Then, suddenly, like a fairy tale, it was seemingly all over.  President Victor Yanukovych was impeached by the parliament. His political opposition appears to have prevailed, and a new day dawned in the Ukraine.

Unfortunately, this is isn’t a fairy tale.  It’s more like a chess match – one that Ukrainians are playing with Russians, for whom the game is their national sport. The stakes may, as a result, literally be life and death for the Ukraine.

Now, it’s Putin’s move. With the Olympics behind him, the Russian kleptocrat no longer needs to be on his good behavior.  We must persuade him that the costs of subverting the Ukrainian revolution 2.0 will be unacceptably high.

Frank Gaffney, Jr.

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